Brighten Up Your Business With Indoor LED Signs

LED Design

Our lightweight, innovative model is designed for front access service, enabling you to perform maintenance from the front. Our daisy chain wiring permits both seamless and hassle-free installations as well. IDS’s  contemporary, vibrant displays may be curved, convex or concave if you must.


With indoor LED signs, you can showcase any business, from hotels, restaurants, and conventions, to airports, shopping malls and more. Showcase your products on social media using our Multi HD screen, with the optional split screen mode available at your service.

Enduring and Sustainable

Our displays are made for optimal proficiency, equipped with a 6D adjustment, top-notch power supply and double signal backup. For optimal use and performance, you can place the controlling PC within 2kms from the screen, allowing you to take control of your marketing experience.

Outdoor LED Signs

Our Outdoor LED Signs are of superb quality and they are waterproof as well! We are known throughout the industry due to our exciting and vibrant signs and our IDS designs are constructed with exclusive and innovative processes that are ours alone. Today, we’d like to share more information about these practical and appealing signs. They are designed to stand the test of time and to perform well with minimal maintenance.

Features of Our Outdoor LED Signs

Aside from being waterproof, our outdoor LED signs are rated IP 65 and IP 67. As well, they are crafted with outdoor mesh which ensures optimal airflow and keeps sunlight out. This means that they are ventilated via fresh air and don’t get too hot. As well, you’ll be pleased to know that our LED signs for exterior environments are able to perform, even in extreme temperatures, from minus 30 degrees celsius to sixty-five degrees celsius.

LED Staircase

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