Digital Solutions for Every Location

Digital Drive Thru Sizes

Unlike many of our competitors, our system is built with Modularity in mind. Want to expand from a single screen unit to two or three screens? This is easier than ever with our FLEX Tower drive-thru solution. Upgrading and expanding is easy with the purchase of a new screen kit with brackets, bracket covers, wiring and install. No new footing, base, or stand required.
Save time. Save money.

Realize your ROI quicker with the IDS solution.

LED Non-Digital & Hybrid Solutions for Every Location

(100,000 Hour Life, Backlit Graphic in Snap-Lock Frame)

Digital Drive Thru Sizes

Proprietary Modular Design

Single, Double or Triple

Meet FLEX, the world’s first technology agnostic signage solution. Our flexible design allows you to grow into digital and more importantly never grow out of it. 

The FLEXtower offers the most innovative cooling system design, allowing for the most vital components to be shielded from the elements.

It’s patent-pending outdoor IP56­–certified modular design is the world’s first technology-agnostic signage solution. FLEX can easily be tied into existing systems or integrated with any number of hardware and software solutions.

Offered with High Bright LCDs and ranging from 46” through 86” in size from almost any leading LCD manufacturer, FLEX can be configured in 1×1, 1×2, or 1×3 portrait or 1x1 landscape screen configurations with minimal install, service, or downtime ensuring your move to digital is easy.

Save Time. Save Money. Go FLEX.

One Platform. Unlimited Configurations

Drive Thru Canopies

Triple 2

32″ & 42″ Programmable, Direct Sun Readable, Outdoor Digital Display, Shown Above in Landscape and Portrait Configuration

About Us

With nearly 40 years of experience in the fields of signage creation, concept development and product integration, IDS has evolved from printed materials, to monochrome LED moving message centers and now leads the industry with a collection of the most modern and powerful digital signage technology available today. Each member of our team specializes in different fields, for a fully comprehensive overview of services to bring your ideas to fruition. 

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