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We pride ourselves on bridging the gaps between services and equipment through the collaborative efforts of IDS representatives and partners, specializing in custom tailoring solutions engineered to fit the particular situation you bring to the table. Based upon your wants and needs IDS brings Concepts to Completion, at price points affordable based upon your budgets and preferences.

Digital Solutions for Every Location

Digital Drive Thru Sizes

Unlike many of our competitors, our system is built with Modularity in mind. Want to expand from a single screen unit to two or three screens? This is easier than ever with our FLEX Tower drive-thru solution. Upgrading and expanding is easy with the purchase of a new screen kit with brackets, bracket covers, wiring and install. No new footing, base, or stand required.
Save time. Save money.

Realize your ROI quicker with the IDS solution.

LED Non-Digital & Hybrid Solutions for Every Location

(100,000 Hour Life, Backlit Graphic in Snap-Lock Frame)

Digital Drive Thru Sizes

Proprietary Modular Design

Single, Double or Triple

Meet FLEX, the world’s first technology agnostic signage solution. Our flexible design allows you to grow into digital and more importantly never grow out of it. 

The FLEXtower offers the most innovative cooling system design, allowing for the most vital components to be shielded from the elements.

It’s patent-pending outdoor IP56­–certified modular design is the world’s first technology-agnostic signage solution. FLEX can easily be tied into existing systems or integrated with any number of hardware and software solutions.

Offered with High Bright LCDs and ranging from 46” through 86” in size from almost any leading LCD manufacturer, FLEX can be configured in 1×1, 1×2, or 1×3 portrait or 1x1 landscape screen configurations with minimal install, service, or downtime ensuring your move to digital is easy.

Save Time. Save Money. Go FLEX.

One Platform. Unlimited Configurations

Drive Thru Canopies

No more cutting. No more digging. No more cables.

Introducing Ultrasonic Vehicle Detection (USVD), a revolutionary loop detector replacement. Instead of placing your pre-formed or saw-cut loop in your drive-thru you can avoid the labor costs and time by utilizing the USVD, which mounts quickly and easily to a post or order box with no setup or adjustments needed. With Triangular Planar Array (TPA) technology to detect the presence of a vehicle the USVD can handle any drive thru operation such as fast food, banking, pharmacies, car washes and parking.

IDS provides flexible, scalable and affordable cloud-based hosting solutions, powered by PingHD. We will assist with everything from strategy, design and implementation to monitoring and support on a cloud-based network.

32″ & 42″ Programmable, Direct Sun Readable, Outdoor Digital Display, Shown Above in Landscape and Portrait Configuration

Interactive Digital Kiosks

digital touch screen drivethrus and kiosks

Touch Screen Drive Thru Kiosks

Custom Touch Screen Ordering

Walk Up Touch Screen Kiosk Ordering

Online & Mobile App Ordering

IDS provides integration services for Touch Screen Drive Thru Kiosks. Learn more about our Drive Thru technologies and services here.

Our team can create any type of custom touch screen interface using the latest software and hardware together. Create an interactive experience your customers will never forget.

IDS is able to integrate with your in-house POS software to achieve walk-up ordering via our Touch Screen kiosks. Manufactured in-house and designed by our team.

Our team of software engineers can build a custom app to work with your existing POS system and website. Speak with us to build an all inclusive digital experience for your business.

Walk Up Touch Screen Kiosk Ordering


IDS manufactures and designs touchscreen kiosk systems for retail stores. Speak with us today to learn more about how we can build a solution specifically for your business and needs. 407-409-4777.

Quick Serve Restaurants

IDS will design a custom touchscreen ordering kiosk for your quick serv restaurant inluding Point-of-sale integration and consultation. Speak with us today for a free estimate.

Less Wait = Happy Customer

touchscreen ordering kiosks reduce labor and order time

Please contact us today by filling out the below Contact Submission Form, and discover how simple digital signage can truly be.